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vbaaccessexcel VBA For Access & Excel 21 hours
3306 Excel und VBA Programmierung für Wirtschaftsprüfung und Finanzwesen 28 hours Please answer the following questions: Is your daily work in Excel is a never-ending string of commands copy-paste? Are you wasting time on repetition of similar operations to prepare the data for analysis? Do you know all the keyboard shortcuts in Excel, but you are not satisfied with the results? Rather than deal with data analysis and preparation of wasting time? Do you have to manually verify the correctness of such data obtained from different systems? Do you have to stay at work after hours or Excel to take books home because not doing during the day? Is Your job is to prepare reports based on a large data set? Do you feel that working in Excel, you come to a roundabout way of results? If fell although one answer YES, it's time stop this nightmare. This training is for you. Find out how you can speed up daily operations in Excel and use the most out of this spreadsheet. WARNING After the training, your life will change dramatically. Activities, which occupied the whole day you will be doing in just a few seconds. Are you ready for this?
3029 Excel für Fortgeschrittene mit VBA 21 hours Participants will be able to excel themselves, in the most optimal way to create, consolidate and manage data. A number of tools designed to streamline the work often significantly reduces the time to activities carried out so far and can help you design an application that could perform new tasks.
excelvbag Excel und VBA Guru 21 hours The course topics cover maximum automation. The student will learn how to use VBA effectively, how to use cell names to be copied, which are useful properties of objects only available in Excel VBA code and how to create your own control library. Finally, participants will learn how to create a complete application and how to secure it.
3165 Visual Basic für Applications (VBA) und Datenbanken 14 hours The training is designed for people using Excel and VBA for access to the databases.
3164 Visual Basic für Applications (VBA) für Analysten 21 hours The course is designed for users of Excel for creating analyzes and reports.
3089 Visual Basic für Applications (VBA) in Excel (mittleres Level) 14 hours Course is intended for those familiar the basics of VBA who want to develop their knowledge and greater use of language capabilities.
vbaexceladv Visual Basic für Applications (VBA) in Excel - für Fortgeschrittene 21 hours The course reveals the secrets of effective writing advanced applications in VBA application MsExcel.   After the course you can: Write an advanced object-oriented application Convert text files Use of external data sources Use external libraries
vbaexcel Visual Basic für Applications (VBA) in Excel - Grundlagen 28 hours It is an introduction to procedural programming in VBA. Training allows you to gain a strong foundation for further learning and VBA environment. After the course you can: Record and edit the macro as required, Write procedures using data from the sheet, Create your own functions Handle the event (opening worksheet cell update etc) by means of the handler, Create form
2370 Access VBA 21 hours

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Course Ort Schulungsdatum Kurspreis (Fernkurs / Schulungsraum)
Einführung von Business-Regeln mit SBVR Bern Di, 2018-05-08 09:30 1809EUR / 2309EUR
Release-Management and Bereitstellung mit Distributed Version Control System Bern Mo, 2018-06-04 09:30 891EUR / 1241EUR
Data Mining with R Bern Do, 2018-06-21 09:30 1854EUR / 2354EUR
Marktprognose Zürich Mi, 2018-06-27 09:30 1872EUR / 2372EUR

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