Marvin Image Processing Framework - Creating Image and Video Processing Applications with Marvin Schulung

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14 hours (üblicherweise 2 Tage inklusive Pausen)


  • Basic understanding of image and video processing
  • Java programming experience


Marvin is an extensible, cross-platform, open-source image and video processing framework developed in Java.  Developers can use Marvin to manipulate images, extract features from images for classification tasks, generate figures algorithmically, process video file datasets, and set up unit test automation.

Some of Marvin's video applications include filtering, augmented reality, object tracking and motion detection.

In this course participants will learn the principles of image and video analysis and utilize the Marvin Framework and its image processing algorithms to construct their own application.

    Software developers wishing to utilize a rich, plug-in based open-source framework to create image and video processing applications

Format of the course
    The basic principles of image analysis, video analysis and the Marvin Framework are first introduced. Students are given project-based tasks which allow them to practice the concepts learned. By the end of the class, participants will have developed their own application using the Marvin Framework and libraries.


Introduction to Marvin

Downloading and installing Marvin

Setting up an Eclipse development environment

The three layers of the Marvin architecture

Components and libraries

Image processing in Marvin

Video processing in Marvin

Multi-threading in Marvin

Unit testing in Marvin

Working with MarvinEditor

Creating an application with Marvin

Working with plug-ins

Testing the application

Video applications
    Video filtering
    Image subtraction and combination
    Face features detection
    Real time tracking of multiple blobs
    Partial shape matching
    Skin-colored pixels detection

Using Marvin Framework for test automation

Extending the framework

Contributing to the project

Closing remarks


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